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Subject: My group
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mielikki 5.11.09 - 05:37am
I have a group on here about music and languages spoken include French, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malaysian, German and more. If you would like to be a high ranking member of a 3 star group with a loyal fanbase and friendly atmosphere, reply here grin.GIF *

mielikki 19.02.10 - 10:52pm
Anyone? *

niteman9 15.06.10 - 06:53am
I would like to john your group, please teach me. *

nightpup 17.06.10 - 09:42am
Sounds cool. I use music to help myself learn german. I'll join *

jakimc 17.06.10 - 10:30pm
i joined happy.GIF id love 2 learn portuguese bt im guessin it'd b really tough!!! btw... i know that 'wypadek' means 'accident' bt can ne1 tell me wot language it is? *

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