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Subject: plz teach me spanish
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sexisinr 27.02.09 - 04:19am
its interesting! isn't it? *

aire01 21.04.09 - 12:40pm
Yeah,I learn Espanol either, lets speaking on it.May be you'd like to learn Russian?Its my native lang.Instead you help me with my ill English *

sexisinr 23.04.09 - 06:11pm
es una buena idea! [it is a good idea!] i will help you with english and maybe you will teach me russian. *

sexisinr 23.04.09 - 06:34pm
hola amigos! qu tal? me alegro mucho que estn aqui. hola-hello amigos-friends qu tal?-what's up? alegre-happy mucho-very aqui-here estn-you are(plural) from the infinitive estar *

garcia79 8.09.09 - 11:27am
Teach me spanish i wanna learn it 2 *

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